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xiv                 HISTORY OF PERSIA

over Topal Osman, A.H. 1146 (r733)~~The Persian Victory of
Baghavand, A.H. 1148 (1735)—The Evacuation of the Caspian
Provinces by Russia—The Accession of Nadir Kuli to the Throne*
A.H. 1148 (1736) —The Abolition of the Shia Doctrines— The
Coronation of Nadir Shah.



The Punitive Expedition against the BakhttnnV-The
Campaign, A.H. 1150-1151 (1737-1738)—The Expedition of Ki/a
Kuli Mrza against Balkh—The State of India in A,H, **<;*
(i738)-~The Negotiations—The Invasion of India—The Battle of
KarnalTA.H, 1151 (1738)—The Surrender of Ddhi and itn Spoil*
—The Massacre—The Marriage of Nasrulla Khan—The Results
of the Campaign—The Sind Expedition, A,H, 1151 u$* (*7W)
—The Campaign against Bokhara, A,H. 1153 (1740) <~Tht*
Conquest of Khiva, A.H. 053 (1740)—Nadir Shah at the Sfcnith
of his Power.

CHAPTER LXXII                    t

THE LAST YEARS OF NADIR SHAH       .            *            .            .    360

The Lesghian Campaign, 174.1-1 742- -The RZimling of
Kuli Mirssa — Rebellions in Persia, 1743-1744— The Lust Cam
paign against Turkey, 1743-1745 — The Pioneer Joinwya <*f
Elton, I739-X742 — The Adventures of Jonas Harnvay, 174,5 ^^u>
Closing of British Trade across the Caspian, 1746 -Tin* Naval
Ambitions of Nadir Shah— The Assassination of Nadir Shah, A.H*
1160 (1747) — His Character.


THE SHORT-LIVED ZAND DYNASTY         ,            .            .            .

Ahmad Khan> Durrani—-Adil Shah, A.H. 11^0-1161 (1747
1748')—Shah Rukh—The Origin of the Kajar Tribe—Monamcd
1 Husayn Khan, Kajar—Azad the Afghan ami Mardan Afi Kha«»
Bakhtiari—Karim Khan,2and~- ThcTrmngular Con test for Power
—The Final Campaign, A.H. u;i (1757)—The Keign of Karim
Khan, A.H. 1163-1193 (1750-1770)—The Occupation of Kharak
by the Dutch—The Foundation of the English Factory at Buihirc,
A.D. 1763—The Expedition against Basra, A,H, 1189-1190 (1775-
i77$)_3Wti Khan—Abul Fatteh, AH Murad, and Sadik—The
Reign of Ali Murad, A,H. 1196-1x99 (trte-^S)—]*^ A.H,

-The Campaign______,.........„„
against Aga Mohamed—The Final Act of the Drama, A.H, 1*08
(1794)—The Fateof Kerman—The Downfall of the Zand Dynasty,